formosan mountain dog + spitz mix | spayed female | 1 year old | 22 lbs

My Story

Tess is one of the poor rescued dogs from a hellish private shelter. The owner of that private shelter took money, lots of donations and dog foods from others but she was just too lazy to even feed the dogs in her shelter. When a volunteer first went to the private shelter to help clean the environment, she was both shocked and heartbroken. Seeing all the dogs starving in terrible conditions with feces and mud everywhere. The worst thing was that dogs were so hungry that they were eating their dead friends’ bodies just because they wanted to survive. There were tons of bags of kibble piling up in the storage room but the owner of the shelter just did not care about feeding the poor starving dogs. That was the first time volunteer saw Tess. A poor skinny puppy in a cage with 3 others without food or clean water. Even in her horrible situation, Tess still wagged her tail and tried to have anyone pet.

Thankfully that volunteer worked with SPCA in Taiwan to gather all the evidence to shut this hell down. All the dogs that survived were confiscated into public shelters of New Taipei City. There were approximately 30 dead dog bodies that were pulled out from the private shelter.  As foster homes and resources are always limited for rescues, our volunteers could only take in 5 friendly dogs out of the 200. Tess is one of the 5 dogs. Volunteer went to the public shelter and interacted with Tess and other 4 dogs that surprisingly they were all friendly to people even after what they have gone through and decided to take them into rescue. Except for one, all 4 are a little bit shy at first and scared of big movement and sounds.

My Personality

Tess is a super affectionate girl who is friendly with dogs, cats and people. She loves to be petted, hugged and cuddled a lot. She would just stay in your arms as long as she can. At foster family, due to her past of being caged for a long time in private shelter, she would just want to go home and would be scared while she was taken outside for a walk. After she started to feel loved and felt secure, she began to understand that going outside is fun and part of her daily routine, so she starts to enjoy it. Tess learned to pee and poo outside. However, she still gets scared by sudden and big sound outside. She enjoys the petting from strangers though she might be shy at first but after sniffing around for few minutes, she would just approach to them for affection. Also she is a foodie that loves to eat all kinds of treats. As Tess is still just 1 year old that she is very playful. She enjoys playing with cats and dog in foster home. Her energy level is medium that she can be left alone with cats when people left for work that she is well behaved with no damage in the house. She loves to play any kind of dog toys that you can leave her with some when you’re leaving. Since she is still young and playful, you might need to have more patience at first with her. If you have the patience to build trust and work on desensitizing with Tess, you would just fall in love with her lovely personality. 


Comments:  Tess is a little shy at first and will take a few minutes to warm up to strangers. Tess loves dogs and cats and will do best in a home with animals. She loves to play with dogs and cats. 


Comments:  Tess is partially house trained to go potty outdoors and also has a designated area to go indoors (not on puppy pads).  Tess will sometimes walk too fast and can be startled by loud sounds which will cause her to bolt. 



Tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasma Platys, Giardia.

All medical records provided upon adoption.