I promise never to abuse or neglect this animal, or allow anyone else to abuse it. I understand that my animal has emotional needs, and promise to treat this animal as a beloved member of the family, provide a safe and loving home, a balanced diet, and any veterinary care necessary, and not to 'dock' the tail or ears of this animal. I understand the dogs I adopt from H.A.R.A. are for family pets only and that legal action may be taken against me if I adopt a dog from H.A.R.A. and leave the dog in the back yard all the time, or use the dog for any other purpose (e.g. guard dog). 

I will assure that this animal will wear an identification tag which includes my name, current address and phone number at all times. I agree to walk this dog on leash at all times, only letting him/her play or walk off leash in a safe, enclosed environment. I will contact H.A.R.A. immediately if this animal becomes lost so that assistance can be provided.

I understand that H.A.R.A. may make follow-up visits at mutually convenient times to establish that the conditions above are being met. If I fail to comply with this agreement, H.A.R.A. reserves the right to repossess the animal, and any litigation costs will be paid by me, as well as any costs necessary to rehabilitate the animal.

I agree not to transfer ownership of this animal to any other person, even a friend or family member, without the written authorization of H.A.R.A. 

I understand H.A.R.A. works with a trainer who will provide suggestions on any issues I have with the animal. I agree my donation is not refundable even if I decide to give up on the adoption. I will call H.A.R.A. immediately so the animal can be rehomed. I agree to foster the animal until H.A.R.A finds another safe foster home or permanent home. In the future, if I am unable to keep or care for this animal, I will notify H.A.R.A. who will take the animal if it has room. If not, H.A.R.A. will do its best to help with placement, but H.A.R.A. is under no obligation to take the animal back immediately.

I understand that this animal is a rescue animal and that H.A.R.A. makes no guarantee as to its health, and is not responsible if this animal should become sick. H.A.R.A. does, however, welcome any calls for advice. 

I understand that all animals respond to situations differently, that such response may be unpredictable, and that H.A.R.A. makes no claim, representation, or warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the behavior or temperament of this animal. I understand that all dogs are pre-screened and selected for general acceptable adoptable traits and yet can have different temperaments when the dogs are introduced into unfamiliar environments upon their arrival and for the time that new owner takes possession of the dog. I assume all risks of injury to any person or property once I take possession of this dog for any action the dog displays or takes after I take possession. 

I agree that H.A.R.A. is not liable for any damage to person or property that is caused by this animal and that H.A.R.A. is not financially or legally responsible for medical or any other expenses incurred by this animal, after this adoption agreement has been signed. 

I agree to email pictures of the dog we adopted within a week after we decide to keep the dog and also when requested at a later date after the adoption.