Jindo + Retriever mix | neutered male | 2 years old | 46 lbs

My Story

Snow was discovered on Gapado; a small island near Jeju island. Some construction workers kept him around so that they could eat him later. As the construction project suddenly got canceled, they left Snow behind. The villagers did not like a big dog like Snow wandering around the village so they tightened his collar and tied him in an abandoned house. He was tied by a 3 ft chain, and his collar was cutting into his neck so severely that the wound was filled with flies and maggots. He was left outside during this summer and lost so much weight while he endured the hot weather without any shelter. Snow was very starved when the rescuer found him, as a big contrast to when the workers kept him and fed him well so they can eat him later.

Getting Snow off the island was very difficult too, as boarding a woman and a dog together on a boat is considered taboo. No one wanted to board Snow on their boats. After begging and bribing, the rescuer was finally able to find someone agreed to let Snow into his ship. Snow needed to get several surgeries for the wound on his neck which was infected by maggots. Now Snow has removed the stitches from his second procedure. He is in a good recovery. The vet has done procedures on many rescue dogs, and he said he has never seen such a deep wound like the one on Snow's neck.

A trainer in Long Island, NY agreed to foster Snow so his rescuer covered the steep price of flying him to New York.

My Personality

Snow is a very friendly dog to people and to most dogs! He is very sweet and intelligent! He has learned the commands- sit, come, paw and responds to his name. He is good in cars and is house trained & leash trained.


Comments: Children should be over the age of 5.





Tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasma Platys, Giardia.

All medical records provided upon adoption.