Labrador mix | spayed female | 7 months old | 28 lbs

My Story

Ruby was found alone in the rain helplessly. We assumed someone tossed her at the spot almost no people will go in the park. Luckily someone’s dogs noticed her but she was so terrified that she ran away. People had seen her wandering in the park and tried to feed her but failed due to her huge fear of people. After a few days, volunteer saw her searching for food at the park but running away very fast. It took a while to catch her and calm her down. Thankfully everything went well that we took her to the vet and she passed all tests. However, she was with some skin issues, ear inflammation, malnourished at that time. After being taken good care of for a little while, she is growing very fast with beautiful shiny black look.

My Personality

Ruby is an absolute foodie! She loves all kinds of treats. Though she is shy with people but she would just come very close just for the food/ treats. She would even jump/ climb on someone’s leg asking for food even he/she is a total stranger. 100% food motivated. It might take some time for her to trust but she is extremely sweet, loyal and affectionate. She would just give all her love to the person who is mainly taking care of her. She loves to be petted when she is coming over by herself and trying to squeeze her body besides you. But there are times that she might be spooked by sth that you’d just need to wait her to calm down and let her come to you. Ruby loves to play with dogs and she is getting alone with dogs very well. While meeting with dogs being a little aggressive, she would just walk away to avoid them. With dogs trying to play with her, she can never stop playing and running around. She is a sweetie with high puppy energy that may require lots of exercise and toys. She loves to go outside and enjoys taking a walk. She is not fully house trained but she can do it outside and she knows to use pee pads. Sometime she might miss the pad but she has her regular spots. Also she might chew things when people are out for work that’d need to put things away and give her some toys to chew on. Due to her past, she is still fearful of people but luckily she is motivated by food. Also it’s better to touch her chin instead of her head that it’s easier for her to accept. It might due to the movement that you would raise your hand made her scared. With patience, you’d gain her trust and all her love. Ruby is the perfect 2nd/ 3rd dog since she gets along with others so well. And it helps to have other dog in the new environment for her to fit in. She is a smart and beautiful puppy deserves a home to call her own.



Ruby is still a puppy so she has high puppy energy that would be better to have efficient exercise for her. She loves to play with dogs and go outside. Outdoor activities might suit her very well. Just that she may be spooked by sudden move or loud noise so should be very careful to have her on leash.

Ruby is shy with people but would come very close or climb on people even strangers or someone she just met but under the condition with treats or food. She would be follow you around and it’d need to be slow and gentle to wait for her come close to you that you can try gently touch her. 


Comments:  She can go outdoors and she is not picky about the spots. She has her regular spots for potty and she knows to use pee pads just that she sometimes misses it. It’d help if you take her out more often that she would just do it outside.



Tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasma Platys, Giardia.

All medical records provided upon adoption.