Golden Retriever + Formosan Mountain Dog mix | Neutered male | 2 years old | 46 lbs

My Story

Rody was found mistreated by his previous owner in Pingdung, Taiwan. He was treated poorly as a guard dog chained outside in the same spot his whole life and fed leftovers. Since Rody was sometimes spooked by cars/scooters going by, unfriendly strangers or loud noises; he would bark. When he barked, his owner would just beat him hard. That’s why Rody would just lower his head or lay on the ground extremely submissively when someone is talking loudly or acting like they are scolding him. A volunteer felt so bad for this big, white goofy dog that she negotiated with the owner and finally he was willing to transfer the ownership to our volunteer.

My Personality

Rody is extremely sweet, gentle and affectionate. He loves people more than anything. He loves to be petted and keeps asking for more by putting his head or his front paw on you. He is a sweetheart with medium energy. He is 100% house trained - he only goes outside on the grass, two or three times a day. In addition he loves to play with doggies that are not initially aggressive/intense. He is goofy when he is running/playing with others ( Rody is pretty slow.) You’ll just fall in love with this white, soft, fluffy cutie pie. If you’re looking for an loving companion with medium energy, Rody is the the one for you.


Comments:  Good with children but he is scared of sudden or big move/loud noise that he would just want to stay away from rambunctious children.

Rody is a foodie- he would follow you (with food/treat) around even if you’re a stranger.


Comments:  Rody tends to get a little bit carsick - he will drool.



Tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasma Platys, Giardia.

All medical records provided upon adoption.