About Renee:

Terrier/Formosan Mountain Dog Mix, Spayed, 6.5 Months, 27 Lbs.  

I found Renee when I was feeding the strays at a local park. The wailing and whining sound near a trash can caught my attention, when I went over to investigate, I saw a trash bag next to it with eight puppies inside. People who abandoned them left them there to die of suffocation and starvation.

I took them to the vet for treatment, they are all healthy and friendly pups now, Renee is all ready for someone who is willing to give her a loving home.

Name: Renee
 Age: 6 months 
 Gender: Female
 Breed: FMD / Terrier mix
 Weight:  27 lbs
 Dogs: Good with dogs
 Cats: Good with cats
 Kids: Good with kids
 Housebroken: In training
 Crate trained: Ok in kennel
 Leash: In training