Italian greyhound + collie + formosan mountain dog mix | spayed female | 2 years old | 40 lbs

My Story

Phoebe’s updated story June 2019 -

Phoebe was adopted to loving family in Northern California since January 2018. Phoebe was living with a young child who she got along with very well. The child often had friends coming over to play. After over a year, a bite incident occurred with another child who was visiting and reached over to pet Phoebe while there were no adults around (Phoebe reacted from fear), so her family made the difficult decision of returning Phoebe back to our rescue June 2nd, 2019. Ever since, Phoebe has been living with a foster family with another dog and has had no incidents. She has been very loving, playful and a bit of a goofball!

Phoebe’s original story January 2018 -

Phoebe & Molly, the two stray dogs’ videos were posted on line by a lady hoping to find them home. The poor pups looked skinny and frail. Both dogs were sweet and close to people; it was suspected that they used to have owner but got abandoned. The posting lasted for a week but received no response; our volunteer decided to reach out to the pups and help to find them homes. After a long 4-hours’ drive to the country side our volunteer successfully found the two pups in midnight, both pups were sent to vet hospital the next day. 

Phoebe was showing difficulty walking on her right hind leg. The X- ray shows her right femoral head was cracked and required surgery to remove the cracks. Under the loving care of the foster family, Phoebe was recovering well after surgery. Two months later, Phoebe can run and walk nicely just like any normal dog.


My Personality

Phoebe is a beautiful young pup that is initially shy and timid. She will warm up after a day and becomes affectionate after she starts to trust those around her. She is very intelligent and learns everything quickly. She has already mastered some basic commands and is potty trained. She is very well behaved around people and would be suitable for a home with older children that are calm. She enjoys the companion of dogs in her foster home a lot. Her favorite pastime is hanging out with dogs in the dog park and her daily walks.


Comments: Children should be over the age of 13




Comments:  Tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm and Giardia. All medical records provided upon adoption.