Jindo + Shiba inu mix | spayed female | 1 year old | 26 lbs

Maya's Story

Maya grew up in a dog meat farm in South Korea in a cage with several other dogs raised for meat. She witnessed dogs getting brutally butchered and heard their screams & cries as they were being slaughtered. It is very likely that her mother was gutted in front of her as well as several of her friends. They say that dog meat is most tender at age 10 months. Maya was filled with terror knowing that one day she would be killed too and made into soup. Luckily, the animal rights activist Nami Kim shut down the meat farm Maya was living in when Maya was 9 months old. Maya narrowly escaped being butchered by a month! Nami had no where to put all the dogs that were still in the farm so she bought the farm and converted it in a kennel for the dog survivors. Unfortunately, there was still a dog meat farm next door to the kennel so Maya and her friends could still hear, smell and feel the suffering of dogs being slaughtered. Maya does not trust humans for a very good reason and will not allow any human to touch her. Nami Kim created a special group called the Trauma Troop for dogs that are severely traumatized since these dogs would be difficult to find homes for. Maya is the first Trauma Troop sponsored dog to fly out of South Korea and is now fostered in the Bay Area. Her progress and bravery is inspiring and motivational. She is looking for someone kind and patient to give her a safe forever home.


Get To Know Maya

Maya is a very intelligent and funny dog but very fearful of humans. She has not allowed any humans to touch her yet. Once she is comfortable with you, she will follow you at a distance and smile at you! Maya has a big smile on her face very often which will brighten your day! Perhaps she is just so grateful to be out of the dog meat farm. She loves playing with toys and she also loves other animals, especially dogs! She is always trying to play with the dog and cat in her foster home. We will require that Maya goes to a home with at least one other dog to help her adjust easier.

Maya is scared of the dark and will need a night light by her bed for the first few days in a new environment until she feels safe. Otherwise, Maya barks at the slightest sounds in the dark. Maya is not picky about food at all as she must have been fed very poorly while she lived in the meat farm. She also knows to pee and poo on training pads which she learned just by observing the other dog in the home. Even though Maya is currently untouchable, having her in your home is like having a beautiful forest spirit walking around.
— Maya's Foster Mom



Comments: There should be no young children residing in the home as Maya will be scared by loud noises and abrupt movements.  


Comments: Maya has never walked on leash yet as we have no been able to get a collar on her. 

Fearful Maya at the dog meat farm converted kennel in South Korea


Comments:  NexGard (Flea & Tick preventative) administered 11/4, dewormed on 11/6