Border collie + formosan mountain dog mix | Neutered male | 2 years old | 29 lbs

My Story

Mao Mao was found as a stray in Beitou district, Taipei then got reported to Taipei City Animal Shelter. Mao Mao was very shy and skittish at first but he improved day by day due to the credit of shelter volunteers who tried to gain his trust and interact with him as much as they could. Because Mao Mao is just so beautiful that he got the attention by social media with the incredible photos taken in the shelter. However, one year passed, Mao Mao is still in the shelter even with his photos widely shared in social media. Since he always hid himself in the corner, he was affected by eczema due to the floor is always wet and dirty in shelter. It broke volunteers’ heart seeing this beautiful boy wasting his time waiting in the cage. So volunteers decided to give this beautiful boy a chance to find his forever home. Mao Mao finally got out of shelter. At that time, he has stayed in the public shelter for more than 1.5 years.

My Personality

MaoMao is a very shy dog but he loves to follow you around at home with a little distance. Although with his shyness, he depends on his human a lot. He would just try to come close to you and then go away several times. But at the times to go out, he just knows and would come forward happily. He is a typical home boy that he just wanna go home right after peeing and pooping outside. He doesn’t interact with dogs and cats much. But he is well behaved at home and also good at car rides. He loves to play all kinds of toys especially those chew toys. It helps a lot to release his stress and consume his energy. As for potty training, he would just pee outdoor during day time but sometimes he pees on rug at night when he couldn’t hold it. He is such a gobbler that he can’t share food with other dogs or cats and it’s suggested to let him eat alone. However, he has no food aggression towards human.

Considering of his personality, he would need a family with patience and experience. Or better with a stable/calm dog to guide him through his period to adapt to new environment.


Comments:  Children under 10 okay but it’s suggested to have children over 5 years old since he is very shy.


Comments:  MaoMao is mostly potty trained to go outdoors but occasionally may not be able to hold it and will make go on rugs indoors. Not trained on pee pads but he keeps peeing in the same area indoors



Tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasma Platys, Giardia.

All medical records provided upon adoption.