dutch shepherd + FMD mix | female | 3.5 months old | 22 lbs

My Story

An owner has a female dog but didn’t spayed her and let her born five puppies. We help this owner to spay his dog and followed up where are those puppies. The owner keeps two of puppies and adopted out three of them to a guy. We went to visit the guy then found the guy is a homeless and three puppies are skinny. We talked things over with the homeless and convinced him to give puppies to us. KiKi is one of three, rest puppies are Kimmy and Keely. We sent three them to separated foster home when they were two months old.


My Personality

KiKi is talented and super smart! And super sweet-temperament. She learned every command in three minutes when she was two months old, and she learned "rollover" in ten minutes when she was three months old. I have had foster many puppies but no one is learned skill quickly like her. She is very obedience, easy-going and closes to people. She has good behaviors, good with people and kids, good with dogs and cats. She also loves to be petted. Though she is puppy but she does not like to chew furniture, maybe because she can play with dogs in home. She doesn’t like to pee and poo in house, she loves to go outdoor for pee and poo, she will pee and poo on wee wee pad which be putted in toilet if she can’t.


Comments:  Kiki is okay with children under 10 years old. She is still a puppy so she has high energy and jumps on people when excited.


Comments:  Kiki will tug out of excitement when you first go out, but is good on leash on the way home.



Tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasma Platys, Giardia.

All medical records provided upon adoption.