formosan mountain dog mix | Neutered male | 2 years old | 40 lbs

Hopps is ready for adoption!

Hopp's Story - 

Hopps is a friendly and affectionate dog who was found in a tragic condition in the suburbs of Taiwan. He must have been a pet previously as he is very comfortable with people. We are not sure what exactly happened to him but it is believed that he was in a horrible car accident and lost two of his legs. The government shelter that took Hopps in, performed surgery on him. Miraculously, Hopps can still run and walk with only two legs. The operating doctor met happened to meet one of our HARA volunteers who was visiting Taiwan and convinced our volunteer to help Hopps find a home in the U.S. In Taiwan, Hopps has a incredibly slim chance to be adopted as there are over a millions stray dogs on the island and it is very common to abandon pets. 

Our goal is to help him find a forever home in the United States and also fund raise a set of prosthetic legs for Hopps. 

Hopp's Story 8/15/2018 by Philip Sun- 

Hi all,

My name is Philip Sun, a certified dog trainer (KPA-CTP) based in San Francisco, in collaboration with HARA.  

This particular adoption bio will run a bit differently than HARA’s usual, as I am physically here in Taiwan at time of writing, and I have gone to visit Hopps myself.  (The shelter staff gave me the opportunity to give him an English name, of which I chose Hopps.  More on that later).

There’s no hiding what’s in plain sight: Hopps only has 2 legs.  But there’s also no hiding his heart-shattering smile and absolute cozy demeanor (watch the videos).  That, and that he is still entirely mobile and self-sufficient in his current condition. 

I haven’t made up my mind yet of whether or not I’m ready to add him to my own household (Alisa’s not too dog friendly), but I did make up my mind to crowdfund a prosthesis for him (assuming vet consultation approves).  

I named him Hopps, inspired by Hobbes, Calvin’s imaginary tiger friend.  Together they’re unstoppable, adventuring til the lands end.  I hope this name captures the essence that I see in Hopps — an unwavering best friend forever.  

If you would like to join in on Hopps’ amazing journey, as a contributor of donations towards his prosthesis and care, or even more, as his new parent and forever home, please click on the donation and adoption links below.


8/18/2018 update - 

HARA committed to take on the financial responsibility for Hopps so one of our Taiwan rescuers agreed to help place Hopps in a foster home.

To donate, please click on the link at the bottom of this page!

8/22/2018 update-

HARA’s volunteer went to the shelter and bailed out Hopps. They took him to get a check up at the vet hospital, blood testing and his PCR test results came back negative! From today, he will be staying in a foster home with several other dogs as he waits to find him a furever home.

9/23/2018 update - 

Hopps blood test results have come back and he is negative for heartworm and tick-borne diseases! He is healthy and ready to go to a loving home!

10/8/2018 update - 

Hopps’ amputated front leg became infected from inside left bone and went through the wound. Our foster brought him the vet hospital for surgery to remove the infected bone. He will need 2 weeks to recover from the surgery.

11/8/2018 update - Hopps is adopted into NY!!

Hopps now renamed Remy flew to JFK international Airport from Taiwan. His new family picked him up and he snuggled with them immediately. He is now living with his dog sister Hope in Long Island, NY!






Tested negative for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasma Platys, Giardia.

All medical records provided upon adoption.