lab + cattle + FMD mix | female | 3 years old | 48 lbs

My Story

Fannie and her sister Tomi were abandoned on the street then caught to animal shelter in July, 2015 when they were only 6-m-o, but since then their lives have taken different paths. We bailed Tomi out a few months later not knowing that her sister Fannie was also kept in the shelter.  We successfully found Tomi home in San Francisco shortly after.  

A volunteer sent us pictures of Fannie in Nov. 2016, asking us for help to get this friendly, docile young girl out of the miseries she’s been through. We weren’t able to help Fannie until six months later when we finally managed to find foster home for her.  Fannie get to sleep on her own bed after 22-months’ in the shelter.

It was heart-breaking when we first met Fannie; there were several patches of hair loss and countless bite marks all over her body.  Apparently, she was bullied by other dogs all the time in the shelter.  To our surprise, Fannie maintained her loving heart and positive attitude.  She is still very friendly and affectionate toward dogs around her, even at first met.

Fannie is doing very well in her foster home.  She deserves a great home where she can share her unconditional love with!


My Personality

Fannie is a perfect young dog, playful, affectionate, and yet very stable.  By nature, she is easy-going, well behaved, and is aimed to please. She is very smart, quiet, food motivated and easy to train that can fit into new family easily. She has already mastered some basic commands and is potty trained.  She is well behaved inside the house, with no chewing or barking issues. She is good around people, young kids, and gets along with dogs and cats, either in public places or indoors. One of her favorite games is tug of war with her buddies and hanging out with foster family in the park and her daily walks. Please watch Fannie’s videos to learn how much joy this young dog can bring to your family if you’re willing to welcome her with a loving heart.


Comments: Fannie jumps when excited


Comments: Fannie is housetrained to go on pee pads and outdoors. 


Comments:  All medical records provided upon adoption.