Yorkshire Terrier | Neutered male | 6 years old | 10 lbs

My Story

The first owner gave up Bert for no reason. Then his second owners did not take proper care of him and refused to get him medical treatment after they let him jump down from a very high place which resulted in Bert having a broken leg. A vet tech decided to take Bert in and cover the costs of treatment. The vet tech loves Bert very much but works long hours and is unable to spend a lot of time with Bert. She believes that Bert deserves a better life after all that he has gone through so now that he is fully recovered, he is looking a a patient and loving home. 

My Personality

Bert is a happy dog who still trusts humans even though he was abused. Bert is playful and energetic.  He will love you more when food is present. He loves all kinds of food. He adjusts to unfamiliar environments very well, he is good with children, cats, dogs and rabbits. He doesn't chew on any furniture. He is friendly with people who are nice to him. He loves to follow people around for patting, and he goes to sleep when feels
bored. He has great temperament and is willing to do anything when food is present. He is very nice when visits the vet and even fell asleep during ultrasonic procedure. The vet can his draw his blood and complete the vaccinations without any help. Because he is not picky, he will finish his food even when medicine has been added. He is very cooperative when being groomed. He will lift his feet for wash/wipe and never gets angry when we clean his anal gland. He can trade nail trimmed for food and he is very good on leash and never a tugs.

Commands learned:


Comments: A bit fearful with medium to big size dogs because he was bitten before. Bert will resource guard when it comes to food. 

Resource guarding with humans -He may growl when feeling his owner is threatened but he has never attacked people and can be calmed down quickly.  Protects his treats only. 

Should not be left unattended with children under the age of 10 due to his resource guarding behavior.





Tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasma Platys, Giardia.

All medical records provided upon adoption.

right rear foot had been fractured but  has healed.

Splenectomy - Splenectomy was performed due to the vet's misdiagnosis, they though he had cancer tumor but it was not cancer. 

The splenectomy does not impact his normal life but routine de-flea is required. The injured rear right
leg is normal and he can jump and run but joint supplement is needed. He is willing to take any type of supplement, such as powder, pill, or paste. He has oily skin and needs to be bathed regularly - he is washed every 5 days in his foster home. He is allergic to lamb and rice; so now he is fed Fish, raw bones, duck or salmon flavors and with some fresh fish, chicken, beef, shrimp, egg and vegetables. He is
protective of his food if he feels someone will try to snatch his food away. He is not attractive under other conditions. If there are children at home, it is better to teach them not to snatch Bert's food.