mix | female | 2 years old | 28 lbs

My Story

Basha is originally from Taiwan. She used to live in the street in undesirable conditions for a period of time when she was very young.  Then a group of people who love animals found her and saved her life. Soon then, she was adopted to the US and lived with a family in Bay Area of NorCal for the last 13 months. However, she is now looking to be rehomed because her current house-mom has some serious medical issues and her household has suffered a big reduction in income. Unfortunately, they've made a hard decision to have her going to a better home with more stability. We hope you will give Basha a second chance in having her into your life.


My Personality

Everyone who meets Basha praises her for being such a pretty girl. Basha is shy and she's working on her shyness daily . With more exposure to different people, we hope she can get over her skittishness around strange people who enters her space.  We believe she will outgrow it in time with love, trust and security. Basha loves and bonds best with the teenage human sister in her old house. She's always happy to see her and would joyfully jump in her lap. She's also close to the mom, dad and brother in the old family because they feed and care for her. She's gone to the dog park many times and does well with most other dogs.  She also used to have another house dog friend and a house cat that live with me.  Basha loves cuddling with her old teenager sister and her old kennel mate. Once the trust is built with new human friends, Basha would cuddle with them too.


Comments: Basha is shy with strangers especially. She needs more time to get familiarized to people.





Tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasma Platys, Giardia.

All medical records provided upon adoption.