Golden retriever + Formosan Mountain Dog mix | spayed female | 1 year old |  28 lbs

My Story

Ariel is one of the poor rescued dogs from a hellish private shelter (same shelter as Tess who was adopted to NY in June 2018). The owner of that private shelter took money, lots of donations and dog foods from others but she was just too lazy to even feed the dogs in her shelter. When a volunteer first went to the private shelter to help clean the environment, she was both shocked and heartbroken. Seeing all the dogs starving in terrible conditions with feces and mud everywhere. The worst thing was that dogs were so hungry that they were eating their dead friends’ bodies just because they wanted to survive. There were tons of bags of kibble piling up in the storage room but the owner of the shelter just did not care about feeding the poor starving dogs. The volunteer noticed Ariel. A poor skinny puppy in a cage with other dogs but without food or clean water. Even in her unfortunate circumstance, Ariel still wagged her tail which is why the volunteer remembered her.

Thankfully that volunteer worked with SPCA in Taiwan to gather all the evidence to shut this hell down. All the dogs that survived were confiscated into public shelters of New Taipei City. There were approximately 30 dead dog bodies that were pulled out from the private shelter.  As foster homes and resources are always limited for rescues, our volunteers could only take in 5 friendly dogs out of the 200. Ariel is one of the 5 dogs. Volunteer went to the public shelter and interacted with Ariel and other 4 dogs that surprisingly they were all friendly to people even after what they have gone through and decided to take them into rescue. Except for one, all 4 are a little bit shy at first and scared of big movement and sounds.

My Personality

Ariel is very shy and fearful at first due to her miserable past. When meeting Ariel for the first time, one should kneel down and say her name gently. Let Ariel approach and do not be too enthusiastic to greet her. Once you gain her trust and she becomes familiar with you, she will come to you on her own. She is less trusting of males, very scared of sticks, loud noises and sudden movements - especially being grabbed at. If you try to touch her suddenly without warning, she will lay her body down against the ground out of fear. While Ariel was living in the horrific shelter, the staff would beat the dogs with sticks to scare them while they were eating.

Ariel loves other dogs but when she goes to a dog park, she will be frightened if a larger dog charges at her as she will think she is getting attacked. She likes eating treats and treats can be utilized to gain her trust. When strangers enter her home, she will start barking and then stop afterwards.

Ariel would do best in a household with other dogs and no children under the age of 10 due to her sensitivity. If there are children in the household, it is important that they are mature children that do not scream and chase dogs.

health issue:  Ariel will need to take Propalin( phenylpropanolamino) long term for urethral sphincter mechauism incompetence (SMI). We think this condition was a result of having a overwhelming stress and malnutrition.


Comments:  Ariel is shy and can be fearful in stressful environments.



When on walks, Ariel will sniff everywhere. She will pull and try to bolt if any startles her or scares her. We are recommending having her walked with two leashes for the first month until she is familiar with her new surroundings in case she bolts and slips out of her harness/collar. Sometimes, she may walk too fast but if you redirect her, she will correct herself.



Health issue:  Ariel will need to take Propalin( phenylpropanolamino) long term for urethral sphincter mechauism incompetence (SMI).

Tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasma Platys, Giardia.

All medical records provided upon adoption.