Check updated ETA and plan to arrive an hour after landing.

Wait can be up to 3 hours, depending on airport conditions that day.

Cafe is in the center of the terminal, between Gate A and G.

UPDATE: Cafe no longer exists, in its place is a large Starbucks sign. Please meet in that general area.

Your volunteer’s phone number is on the flight pick up info email.


  • Signed adoption agreement

  • Adoption donation, if not made online

  • Paper towels and waste bags for potty accidents

  • Airport cart, no need to pay to rent as you can grab abandoned ones in the parking lot or by the entrances

  • Optional: Wire clippers for opening crates and allen key/wrench for taking crates apart.



  • Leash

  • Collar

  • ID Tag with HARA number

  • Harness

  • Crate

  • All medical records

  • Friendly company!

*Please note that due to availability, crate size may vary. Crates can be taken apart at airport for transport home.

Up to 20 lbs          19" x 13" x 12" 

Up to 33 lbs          25" x 19" x 18" 

Up to 45 lbs          36" x 25" x 27"

Up to 99 lbs          40" x 27" x 30"