Jax (formerly Marble) is doing so good loves to take walks and go to the pet store where he was able to get a few more chews toys and find a ball he loved. he was so cute and we had so many comments on him, everyone just seems to love his color and the way he is so sweet, one little girl was there getting a frog and some fish she fell in love with him and said he was pretty.....

It was fun to get him out and about. We are also going to take him to the dog park when the weather is cooler been so hot here, he is a couch potato...

He is so loved and now a part of the family.

We wanted to send the family (that housed him) a message if that is possible. Please let them know that I was so taken back by the way they loved him and was so sad to see him leave, in watching the video it made me cry also and want them to know how happy he is and how much we love him.

Thank you so much for all you did for us we are forever grateful.
— Debbie & Jimmy, August 2015
Thank you for accepting our application to adopt this darling puppy. We call her Remiko.

Remiko is truly a special puppy— our veterinarian was so impressed how trusting and calm she was while in their office. We feel very fortunate to have her. She is very comfortable now with my husband and me, plus our daughter Vanessa, who takes care of her when needed. Remiko also gets along well Vanessa’s rescue dog, Suki.
— Dona, July 2015
Celia renamed Kaia now lives with her mommy Zoe in Portland! Celia was found as a stray in the mountains with Daisy who is still currently looking for her forever home!
Update* Daisy has been adopted!
— Happiness Animal Rescue Alliance, July 2015
Congratulations Toshi! He was rescued with siblings Remiko, Renee and Bruce. Renee and Bruce are still waiting for their happy home!
Update* Renee has just been adopted!
— Happiness Animal Rescue Alliance
Dory (Doris) has been such a gift in our lives. From the moment we picked her up she’s been nothing short of perfect. She has fit into our family so quickly, with our two year old basenji, Toby, quickly welcoming her into our little pack. Thank you Hara for helping us find the perfect new addition, I recommend anyone looking for a family member to go through them!
— Emily, May 2015
Congratulations Lola!
— Happiness Animal Rescue Alliance, May 2015
We hope you have been well. As promised, an update on Bonnie.

We have renamed her Kora and she is the sweetest, most affectionate dog. And well-mannered too! Kora/Bonnie is becoming more and more comfortable around humans, and we are working to get her comfortable around other dogs as there are many in our neighborhood. She loves going to parks and trails, and being off-leash. Yesterday she went to the beach for the first time, and enjoyed all the new smells in the sand. At home she likes to sleep, have her belly rubbed, get treats, and follow us around the house. Here she is in her bed, and with her favorite blanket.

We cannot thank you all enough for saving Bonnie. We know that there were many people involved in this effort, and are touched by the kindness of every volunteer that has made Bonnie’s new life possible. She fills our hearts with love and we will do everything we can to ensure that she lives a long, happy and healthy life.
— Lisa & Kora, March 2015