Regan (Available in NY)

 border collie | male | 2- 3 years old | 28.5 lbs

My Story

Regan was very likely abused by his previous owner and then eventually was abandoned on a remote mountain top in Taiwan where he scavenged for food. He was starving so badly and was so thin that his ribs were protruding. Out of desperation, he was eating garbage, leaves and grass. A rescuer who works with HARA realized Regan was close to death and rushed him to the vet hospital for treatment. At the time of rescue, poor Regan only weight 19.84 lbs.  

After 3 months in foster care, Regan is now 28.5 lbs. Due to him close to starving to death and consuming several things that are not supposed to be edible, Regan has a very sensitive stomach. He can only be fed a raw diet or else he has watery poop or severe diarrhea. He has tried several high quality kibble varieties but so far has only thrived on raw (BARF diet). We will require that his adopter agrees to continue feeding him raw.

HARA sponsored Regan's 3/13 flight to NY so that he can find an exceptional home with the means to feed him an entirely raw diet. 


My Personality

Regan is friendly to other dogs and humans. He is especially affectionate towards men and would prefer to go to a home with men! We think he previous owner was a man who abused him. He is very fearful of stick shaped objects, such as brooms, mops and umbrellas. However, Regan still loves men since he is loyal guy! 

Regan eats very fast since he was starved for so long. He will scarf down his food in about 5 minutes. We recommend getting a slow feeder for Regan to help him pace his eating. 

Will need to pay extra attention to Regan's weaker & more sensitive digestiive system. We recommend supplementing with a probiotic digestive supplement.







Tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasma Platys, Giardia.

All medical records provided upon adoption.