russian toy terrier + shiba mix | female | 13 months old | 14 lbs

My Story

Moli was caged 10 months since one month old. There is a guard working for a building site where is Moli’s mother living. The guard feeding stray dogs including Moli’s mother but didn’t spay her. We went to TNR those strays and found Moli be caged in a small cage. The guard told us that he wants to protect Moli by caged her to avoid attacked of other strays. Moli was different attitude with other strays toward people; she was close to human and wagging tail to everyone who stood on front of cage, so we asked for to take Moli away from the place and promised to find home for her.

Normally, a shy dog turns to be an easy dog after socialized. Moli was outgoing for the first 10 days of seeing the outside world, she was wagging tail to every human and dog, and everyone could pet her. She became to loyal and refused to be petted by others when she realized the meaning of family, she shows affectionate to foster family only, and she only plays with dogs of the foster home. Please watch Moli’s videos to learn how much joy this sweet young puppy can bring to your family if you’re willing to give her a second chance in life.


My Personality

Moli is a sweet playful young pup, she’s intelligent and affectionate. She learned everything quickly. She is extremely loyal and is aimed to please her family. She has already mastered some basic commands and is potty trained. She is very well behaved and friendly around people, young kids, and is good with dogs and cats, either in public place or indoor. Her favorite pastime is hanging out with dogs in the park and her daily walks.







Tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasma Platys, Giardia.

All medical records provided upon adoption.