formosan mountain dog mix | male | 3.5 years old | 33lbs

My Story

Bruce was found jumping around with front left leg injured two years ago. He was hanging around with some stray dogs. Before we were able to bring him to the vet, he got his rear right leg broken, too. Some neighbor said the front leg was run over by a car while he was sleeping in the middle of street. The rear right leg was a mystery. Maybe he was hit at night when playing with other dogs on the street. It was said that Bruce had an owner and once took him home, but few days later he came back to stay with those stray dogs again. We took him because it will be too difficult for a dog with two broken legs to survive on the street. We also paid a vet visit. The X-ray shows the left front leg already healed but in the wrong position. Surgery will not efficient. And the rear left leg is up to us; it’s healing. By that time, a safe place is all we can do. Two years later, because of Bruce loving personality, we decide to give him a chance to find a forever home. A full body check is done and the vet suggests us to fix his rear right leg to reduce any burden on his front left leg. The vet also agrees not to do anything on the front leg. A Femoral Head/Neck Ostectomy (FHO) was performed on Nov. 4th, 2017. Bruce has clean bill of health and his rear right leg is under fully recovery now. The joint supplement is recommended for his legs. He is ready for a forever home to spend the rest of his life being loved.   


My Personality

Bruce is a loving stable adult dog. He is housebroken. He loves to be patted. He goes along with other dog but when he has something like a bone he will barks other dogs away but not aggressive. He is food motivated. He enjoys going outside although he tugs a little and is under training. His favorite exercise is ball chasing. He can be very quiet just to sit beside any person. With his good personality, we hope he can find a new home soon. 


Comments: Bruce jumps on people when excited. Due to his leg injuries, Bruce will rest after a short play/exercise period.   

Resource guarding w/ dogs - If Bruce has high value snacks or bones, he does not attack other dogs but he will keep other dogs away by barking at them. 


Comments:   Bruce is a tugger when he first goes outside and is excited to smell everything. After a while he will calm down and walk regularly on leash.



Tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Canis, Anaplasma Platys, Giardia.

All medical records provided upon adoption.


***Bruce has injuries due to a car accident on two of his legs that adopters would need to pay special attention to.  Bruce's front left leg - the bone already re-grew and healed by the time he was rescued, the bone has grown longer and the leg looks crooked. He has been taken to 3 different vet hospitals for examination and all 3 doctors suggested leaving it as is, instead of performing surgery. 

For his right hind leg, surgery was completed on 11/14/2017 for re-sectioning the femoral head. The recovery from the surgery has been going well and he is currently taking joint support health supplements. ***